There’s nothing more magical than to see a little girls face light up when she first gets sight of a suprise! At Fairytale Ibiza we are so so lucky to get to see these reactions every weekend at one of our spectacular & enchanted parties.

Since the Teepee slumber parties were started, we are getting to see the wonderful reactions on the children’s faces as they enter into the chosen room at their house – to where we have previously in the day worked hard on making sure attention to detail is met with magic

Ela’s party was no different at all. We arrived at her house whilst she was still at school with her friends. Her mother, Carly, was waiting for us and could hardly contain her own excitement in anticipation of Ela’s reaction when she walks in from school…

Part of the beauty of a slumber party is the elegant setup of bespoke decoration, enchanting lights – and a sprinkling of accesorize, which must be set-up in their own perfect spot.

Within an hour, Claire & I had set up and were already standing back & admiring the beautiful view of the teepee’s set up – each with their own mattress, covers, duvets, dream catchers, table and accesorise

Later that evening we were sent the most beautiful message from Carly saying the Ela was speechless and loved her Teepee’s. She had made a video, which she shared with us, and we knew that we had a very happy young lady enjoying one of our slumber parties that night.

Magical moments that we are so lucky to be involved in every week x

Teepee Slumber Party for Ella